James’ Misfortune

One day, in the middle of a known province (British Colombia, Canada) there was a young boy named James Willson. He was an adventurous boy, although his father was totally against the idea of being adventurous. James Willson’s father, Henry Willson was a well-known farmer, his wife McKenzie Willson was rather interested in cooking. One bright and sunny day James woke up at 6:00 in the morning to go explore the forest next to the village he was living in. he packed his emergency bag and headed straight away to the forest. When James got there he started to search for some leaves to complete collection… when suddenly a voice came from a bush. It was a soft saying: Don’t go away, without doing what I say, or bad luck will happen one day. “What The Heck” said James, he didn’t believe in bad luck, but he still decided to come closer to the bush to see what they wanted him to do. “you can win a thousand grand by just smelling these berries in your hand”. ”No way” responded James, and ran straight home. About a week later James went on a flight with his parents to Hawaii, they booked the tickets and went on the plane. In all of a sudden the plane started shaking and making weird sounds. James was about to pass out…when…BOOM!! The plane crashed! When James had awoken on an island, he remembered the soft voice he had heard coming from the bush a week ago in the woods. James still didn’t believe in bad luck. So he decided to forget about it and start searching for food and shelter in the jungle. While looking for food he heard the same soft voice coming from behind a tree, the voice was saying: “I told you, you would have bad luck”. James ran directly back to the shore where his parents were, when he suddenly fell in a hole… beep…beep…beep


(James woke up and his dad was saying:


“Wake up James, and stop dreaming about these stupid adventures, they’re all so fake, now get ready to go to school”.



By Kenzy Eweda