Nour short story

Hello, my name is Lele and I am 12 years old. Today (Friday evening) my parents will bring me to Mrs. Colli which is my grandmother.


I call her that way because Broccoli’s last letters are « Colli » and the main reasons are: she eats broccoli, plays Scrabble, reads books, and then she sleeps. How boring!!!


So tonight my parents will drop me off at her house, so they can go out on a « date ». So I went inside and I said: Hey grandma… Hello dear, how are you? said Mrs. Colli and I replied: I’m fine…


Later on, Mrs. Colli served me her favorite soup which is: 100% Broccoli soup. Then we played Scrabble (I couldn’t say no I had to), I also was forced to hear one of her bedtime stories. (when I was smaller I used to love her stories, Mrs. Colli was my best friend). So while I was drinking my soup, (I threw it on the window) like I always do. I saw something that I never saw at Mrs. Colli’s before A CHOCOLATE BOX! I thought she was healthy! I ran up to the chair and grabbed the chocolate box opened it, I saw something that I would never expect to see in a chocolate box at an old woman’s house: MONEY and DIAMONDS!


Then I heard her coming back so I put everything in its place and went back to mine. After that, she read me one of her gangster, robbers, businessmen, police books. After she left and told me, good night, I started wondering if the stories had to do with the treasure that she hid in her box. I kept thinking about it till next Friday. For the first time, I was excited to go to her place. I ran downstairs and yelled: MOMYYY, WHEN ARE WE GOING? Then she came and told me that I was lucky, I told her why? and she said, that grandma went outside and that she couldn’t keep me.


She then said: Lele you are going to have the house under your control ok? (hugs me). I started smiling maliciously. When I saw the car going far away in the autoroute, I took my bike and drove to Mrs. Colli’s. I hid behind the bushes for maybe about 20 minutes, then I told myself that she probably already left. When I got up to leave I saw Mrs. Colli’s door opening and I saw a person with a black hood going straight to the BANK. So I followed that person which turns out to be Mrs. Colli when we arrived she was about to break the glass when I shouted: GRANNY WHAT THE HELL?!


She looked at me then removed the black hood and told me: shush! Come on let’s go I’ll explain everything. We went back to her house and she told me: So. yes I’m a gangster pretty much a businesswoman- I cut her out and said: that’s why you have money and diamonds in your chocolate box? she told me yes and told me the whole story: I was only 10 when I stole my first ring, the Queen’s. My family was really poor, we needed food!
I started stealing stuff and I really liked it. I was in shock. She looked at the clock and told me: It’s getting late… No, one more story! I said. I couldn’t believe it, I actually said that. She said: know before you go home you have to promise me that will never say it to anyone. I promised. That night will never be forgotten.


So days went by and Mrs. Colli was now my best friend, all I wanted was to hear her stories every day. That one Friday, I got downstairs, ready to go to granny, When I saw my mom crying, I never saw her cry that way. I asked: Mommy what’s wrong?
She told me everything that I didn’t want to hear: Granny is at the hospital.
We rushed to the hospital, I could see mom crying her eyes out and dad trying not cry, I wasn’t believing it even though I knew it was true. When we finally arrived at her room, I saw her in the window She didn’t have hair. Dad told me to wait for a second, that they wanted to talk to her. I went inside after they were done.


L-Granny are you okay? (hugged her)
G-Yes dear, I’m okay…
L-Granny what did the doctor say? Why don’t you have hair?
G- I have cancer dear.
When I heard that, I started crying, I didn’t really know what cancer is but I heard about it, and no one said something good about it, it’s bad. And granny didn’t deserve anything bad.
L- Granny, I love you so much… (crying)
G- Lele, I have something to tell you…
L- What granny?
G- I lied to you dear…
L- About what?
G-About the gangster stuff, it was all fake I just wanted you back, Lele.
L- No, it’s okay(hugging her and crying).


I could see granny getting pale and more and more when she told me: I love you, take care, my flower. Then the doctors came in and said: YOU HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!!! I didn’t want to leave granny, but I was forced to…
So I ran out to my parents, crying. After a while, the doctors came and told us that it was done, that she passed out.
I woke up with the voice of daddy telling me that we were going to visit granny. Then I knew that it was all a bad dream. After that night, I never ever, ever, ever called granny Mrs. Colli ever again.


Nour Boussahaba