Dear Diary

« Dear Diary,


Since you are brand new you may not know me so I’m going to introduce myself:

Let’s start with the beginning, in 2000 a healthy new born was born, she was named Clarissa Snow. She had hair as brown as wood and eyes that looked like melted chocolate. That was me and as far as I know I’m not beautiful… Even if my mother used to say the contrary. Well, that’s me just an ordinary girl in an ordinary world!


I’m just joking; the world isn’t ordinary, it’s a cruel and horrible place where bullies, drug dealers, robbers and all sort of nasty people live! The world is also extremely unfair because for some reason it decided to give me the worst life anyone could wish for! You might wonder what I mean by that… So I’ll start from the beginning.


My step father was a horrible man; he was very violent… He was even worse when he was drunk! That’s how my kind and loving mother died: he’d killed her. I did not see how but I know it was him! He was the only person who could kill and not care… After that I ended up leaving and renting a small flat overlooking a gorgeous park.
That’s all for today, see you tomorrow.






Dear Diary

I’m back and now you get to hear the rest of my depressing life story.


After I moved into my flat I stopped going to school. But that didn’t end very well, the police came and forced me to go. Right now you must be thinking that I’m stupid for not telling the police about my mother’s murder. Well I’m not, if I had told them he would have killed me! And I knew that my mother would want me to live on…


The next morning, I was at school. You might say it’s not that bad. But I got bullied when I was small and now I’m scared of people. That’s how I ended up having a meltdown in the middle of homeroom! It was so embarrassing but thanks to it I got some friends. That night I was invited to a sleepover. I was stressed and excited at the same time. I kept asking myself should I go or should I not? Anyway I ended up going. When I arrived at the house… I realized that we were not from the same world! They had people who loved them and money whilst I had nothing… I went home. I just walked of and did not look back.
I’ll stop it here it’s midnight and I want to get some sleep!






Dear Diary,


To whoever finds this diary, know that at midnight tonight I will throw my useless self in the Thames because I have nothing to live for anymore.
Goodbye world…


Clarissa », finished reading Arthur.


« No », he screamed, «I have to save her she’s all I have! »
Arthur runs out the apartment to the cliff overlooking the Thames. And there she was, standing under the moonlight, her long hair tumbling down her rigid back. She was ready. The only thing she was waiting for was the clock to strike twelve…


Clara Marques 5e A